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“Natalie has years of experience that she so freely shares, from sculpting cake  to business baking questions, Natalie has the answers and is willing to share them. With her calm demeanor, patience and giving spirit you can't go wrong spending time with Natalie and her good vibes! ”


Karon Reynolds - Cake Sculptor


Can’t wait for your Master Course to begin?  Excited and ready to start digesting new thoughts and processes to make your Food Business a Well Oiled Machine? (pun intended)  Hop right into one of these!


Spotlight Course: Logos & Watermarks  without Designer Fees

Play around and create your very own Logo from scratch and then convert it to a watermark for branding your media and your website while protecting your images.  I'll show you how to use stock elements to create your logo from scratch.  Then walk you through turning it into a professional and clean watermark for your images.

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Free Webinar Replay: Craft Your Compelling Brand Story

A Free Webinar that shows the importance of branding to differentiate yourself.  Craft a compelling brand story that brings in the clients that you WANT to work with, who will love and appreciate you for all that you are!  Build a brand that has a bit of flair, that has a story that people and vendors can connect with.  Learn to craft and speak in a way that draws viewers to you and your work.

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Spotlight Course: Calculating Your Overhead with a Done For You Excel Sheet

Part how-to, part excel calculator, I'll touch on the importance of calculating your overhead and then walk you through the excel spreadsheet with examples so you feel confident to calculate your own and allocate it across all your orders.  You'll use your hourly overhead rate consistently throughout the life of your business.

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Baking Up Profits, Master Course 1: The BluePrint to Professional Branding while Automating Inquiries and Communications.

Show your brand and your work in the very best light with branding, websites, and professional payment systems - built from scratch (you have full control) and (nearly) free!  Simultaneously, work on automations to reduce time-draining tasks in areas of communications, inquiries, and invoicing.  Put systems in place to free up time, so you can reinvest it in growth!


Baking Up Profits, Master Course 2: The BluePrint to Pricing and Marketing.

Learn to cost your product, your energy usage, and your time with ease.  Generate fast quotes that are fair to you and to your client.  Learn to transcribe your recipes, everything from cakes to simple treats, right down to the last ounce, to reduce waste - wasted time, wasted labor, and wasted ingredients.  Learn to develop loyal customers and leverage automated marketing techniques to make them lifelong clients.  Free up valuable resources, keep them coming back for more, and automate actions so you can reinvest it in your growth!


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